Growing up, I always found myself in the kitchen making a mess while trying to perfect each recipe. Food in my culture, like most others, is such an integral part of our identities. My family took food very seriously as well. I remember having the best packed lunch at school, some of the best after school lunches and also some amazing dinner parties. Occasion or not, food was given the most respect at home. 

The inspiration to open this page and website really came to me when I turned vegan and was tired of being asked if I had enough food options and if the food I ate tasted good. Literacy was my main goal, so I started it as a low-key account, just for my friends, where I reviewed places I would eat out at as a way of sharing the infinite options that were available to me. This went on for a couple months until I finally went back home to Dubai for the break and started experimenting on some recipes that I was craving. The response I received from my friends and family was so overwhelming that I decided to put a bit more time and effort into it. 

My main goal is to make vegan food seem less threatening and inaccessible while making people realise how appealing the food is. If there is one diet that is good for animals, for the planet and for our health, we should try our best to make it reach as many people as possible!